Department Store


Ruijin Branch

B1F supermarket
1F men’s and women’s shoes, jewelry, horologe, cosmetics, Watsons
2F girls’ clothing,  girls’ underwear, women’ s accessories , leatherwear、bags and suitcases
3F ladies’ clothing、women’ s accessories
4F men’s business clothing, men’s casual clothing, outdoor sports、men’s boutique
5F beddings、children’s wear、children’s shoes、mothers’ and babies’ products、toys、women’s underwear、household appliances


Shop area : 25,000 ㎡
Opening Date: September, 1999


Lavant A

B1F supermarket, food court
1F imported cosmetics, women’s shoes, jewelry, horologe, Apple specialty store
EA children’s clothing
2F girls’ clothing、women’s accessories、glasses、boutique、fashion clothing
3F ladies’ clothing、women’s accessories
4F men’s business clothing, outdoor sports、men’s boutique, beddings, kitchen supplies, household appliances


Shop area :40,000 ㎡
Opening Date : June , 2008




Lavant B

1F luxury clothing, leatherwear, horologe
2F men’s and women’s clothing, salon, glasses
3F jewelry、fashion clothing , leatherwear
4F fashion clothing
5F Home supplies、customer service


Shop area :20,000㎡
Opening Date: September, 2005


Lavant C

1F luxury clothing
2F men’s and women’s clothing, customer service


Shop area :5,000 ㎡
Opening Date: January, 2008


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