Shopping Mall


Xingli Yuanlong Plaza

LG Haagen-Dazs、supermarket、specialty catering、women’s clothing、accessories、men’s and women’s shoes, fashion clothing
1F men’s and women’s clothing、jewelry、customer service
2F catering、men’s and women’s clothing、men’s and women’s clothing shoes、movie theatre
3F specialty catering


Shop area :70,000 ㎡
Opening Date: April 29, 2013



One Mall

B1F  supermarket、groceries、fast food、snack、café
1F luxury goods、international clothing、cosmetics、digital products、catering
2F fashion clothing、accessories、cosmetology and hairdressing、catering
3F fashion clothing、children’s club、early learning center
4F home supplies、skincare、kids’ clothing、customer service
5F food court
6F food court
7F movie theatre、KTV、catering
8F movie theatre、KTV、gym club


Shop area :70,000 ㎡
Opening Date: January 30th, 2016




Shi Xi Riverside Walking Street

Training and education—bookshop, training center

Sports and health—organic food store、sports practice、adult education、Health Club、hairdressing and skincare、SPA、foot massage, dentistry

Catering and entertainment—DIY、Internet bar、cafeteria、digital store、supermarket、convenience store、theme department store、food palace、video game center、cartoon center、car sales outlet、playground、fast food、theme hotel

Culture and art tour—galley、travel agent、jewelry、antique、tea、pet supplies、flower and birds market;

Family life—children theme park、household service、early learning centre, Suning appliance、Juran Home、wedding celebration、photography, bank, community service


Shop area :200,000 ㎡
Opening Date: September, 2016




Xingli Mall A Zunyi

B1F  fashion clothing、outdoor clothing、household supplies、accessory、supermarket、casual dining、gym club、Internet and café bar
1F women’s clothing、formal suits、men's business-casual wear、jewelry、horologe, men’s and women’s shoes, bags, fashion clothing, fast food, casual dining, personal care, digital products
2F men's business-casual wear、women's casual wear、sportswear、fast fashion clothing、underwear、accessory、men’s shoes、international fast food、casual dining、children’s club、children’s toys
3F theme fashion restaurant、casual dining、movie theatre、KTV


Shop area: 35,000 ㎡
Opening Date: January 9, 2016




Xingli Mall C Zunyi

B1F supermarket, catering、children’s club, parking
1F men’s and women’s shoes, horologe, jewelry, cosmetics, catering, Watson, billiard room, children’s climbing
2F girls’ clothing 、underwear、women’s accessory, specialty catering
3F bedding, household supplies, children’s clothing, small household appliance, men’s business clothing, men’s casual clothing, outdoor sports, men’s accessory, children’s club


Shop area :50,000 ㎡
Opening Date: November 30, 2012




Shopping Mall Tongren

B1 food court, supermarket, children’s supplies, household supplies
1F snack、cosmetics、3C digital、jewelry and horologe、fashion clothing, men’s and women’s clothing
2F fashion clothing, fashion accessory, leatherwear, bags and shoes
3F men’s and women’s clothing、bags and leatherwear, outdoor sports, children’s club
4F catering、cosmetology and hairdressing


Shop area :40,000 ㎡
Opening Date: September, 2016



Shopping Mall Kaiyang

1F Jewelry, horologe, shoes, bags, cosmetics, catering, grocery, chemists’ shop, digital products, cosmetology and hairdressing
2F fashion clothing、outdoor sports, grocery、accessory, catering
3F men’s and women’s clothing, seasonal products, accessory, household supplies, mothers’ and children’s supplies, children’s club, food court, video game center


Shop area :28,000 ㎡
Opening Date: October, 2016




Pangu Center Bijie

1F fast consumed products、cosmetics, horologe, leatherwear, men’s and women’s shoes, business clothing, business-casual clothing, ladies’ clothing,  casual dining
2F fashion clothing、men’s casual clothing, women’s clothing, accessory, grocery, underwear, children’s clothing, children’s club, household supplies, outdoor sports, fashion restaurant, casual dining, gym club 
3F KTV、movie theatre、cosmetology and hairdressing、food court, casual dining, Internet bar


Shop area :80,000 ㎡
Opening Date: November, 2016




Xingli Hengpeng World

B2F supermarket, food court, retail store, gift shop
B1F girls’ clothing、men’s casual clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, catering, bookshop  
1F café, fast food, fashion clothing, cosmetics, international clothing, jewelry, horologe, leatherwear, banks, boutique life
2F 3C digit、fashion clothing , outdoor sports, entertainment services, accessories
3F children’s club, ladies’ clothing, men’s clothing, jewelry, leatherwear, catering, shoes
4F home supplies, household appliance, children’s clothing, outdoor sports, catering
5F Asian food court, local food court, western and Chinese food court, fast food
6F movie theater, catering
7F gym club, Movie Theater, cosmetology and hairdressing
8F gym club、high-end restaurant, catering


Shop area :700,000 ㎡
Opening Date: September, 2017




Shopping Mall Qingzhen

Shop area :100,000 ㎡
Opening Date: October, 2017



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