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Colorful Day -----  Guizhou Province In Our Eyes


Beautiful landscape, abundant natural resource, outstanding ecological civilization, ebullient people and unyielding spirit, all these aspects make Guizhou have a huge potential to be an excellent city in both China and the world,


In the first half of 2014, Guizhou ranked first in five economic indicators growth in China: 24.6% increase in fixed asset investment, 6.1% increase in first industry, 20.1% increase in construction industry, 13.1% increase in retail, 28.4% increase in highway transportation turnover 


In the first half of 2014, big data industry Guizhou Clouds had began to establish. The green industry park in fourth generation and smart phones project, owned by Foxconn, have been put into operation. All these actions make Guizhou have been a positive player in Yangtze River and Pearl-Xi River economic zones. After attracting investment in both special projects and industries, Guiyang had got extra 346.1 billion Yuan for insvestment.


In the first half of 2014, Guizhou ranked the tenth and the fourth places in ecological civilization and regional development indexes respectively.


In the first half of 2014, Guizhou had already realized 10.8% growth in GDP, ranked the second in China and with the total GDP of 378 billion Yuan. It is the most dramatic growth year since 2000.


The vigor and vitality, beautiful, colorful Guizhou has attracted world attention.


Being the capital of Guizhou province, Guiyang is the political, economical, educational and cultural center in Guizhou and also the ecological experimental city in the field of recycling economy in the country.. Because of its special location, Guiyang is an important traffic hub in southwestern region in the country and also a communication hinge, a comprehensive industrial base and a scenic spot.


Guiyang surrounded by groups of mountains and jade green forests, forming a ring forest belt, the city is also called Forest City. It is a modern and circular economy pilot city .


With suitable temperature, moderate humidity, wind speed, favorable ultraviolet radiation, clean air, good water quality and low altitude, low energy consumption, delight summer climate, Guiyang ranks top of the tenth Chinese summer tourist cities and as summer capital in China.


Guiyang is characterized as national ecological civilization demonstration city, national innovation city, high-tech industry base in western region, regional trade and Logistics Exhibition Center, inland open economy demonstration area and tourism and leisure city in China.


In 2014 the State Council approved the establishment of Eighth National District  Guian New area. Guian is planed to be China inland economy demonstration area, economic growth demonstration area in western China and the ecological civilization demonstration area.Guian will be aviation equipment manufacturing industry, important recourse processing, logistics center base and technology innovation center.


The No 1 light rail will have 24 stations and cover 23 areas, along a total length of 34.3 kilometers. The new light rail will connect with bus stop ,airport ,train station,  long distance bus station , which is a interchange in Guiyang.


Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport is 11 kilometers away from downtown, On December 14, 2013, passenger exceeded 10 million that marked Longdongbao is the large-scale busy airport in China.


Guiyang reseau express area is based on first-ring railway and covers 14 radial railways. And it has 4 passenger station, a large marshalling station, a large freight center multiple system components. The city railway, about 115 km long, has 16 stations and the design speed is 200 kilometers, the total area is 930 square kilometers.


Guiyang is integrated industrial city for resource development. And the good ecological and living environment, advantageous investment policy will enlarge investment scale and progress the company quality.


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