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Happiness & Enjoyment & Home ------Xingli Mall A Zunyi

Xingli Mall A Zunyi, incorporates shopping, dining, leisure, entertainment, culture at an organic whole, is the middle and high-end home shopping center which has the ......

Happiness & Enjoyment & Home ------Xingli Mall A Zunyi

September  2015   Open your enjoyable journey

Xingli Mall A Zunyi, incorporates shopping, dining, leisure, entertainment, culture at an organic whole, is the middle and high-end home shopping center which has the richest format and the perfect function in Zunyi .

The one-stop shopping experience considers the family consumer demand and combines the business with life supporting service. A landmark and leisure landscape is along the river, a first international five-star IMAX studios, the global food, the high-grade department store, the beauty salon, Manicure salon and hair salon..... Xingli Mall A Zunyi to create and lead the new pattern of the department store industry in Zunyi city.

Shop area: 35000 ㎡

Parking: 1000


The leisure landscape along the river

The leisure landscape arouses your feelings in the breeze, not only with feeling humanities, but also has creative aesthetics idea. Along with commercial leisure areas equipped with the high popularity and good brand image restaurants, and provide external area, become the leisure life landmark region of Zunyi.


Delicate details demonstrate the life taste

Mall A includes each famous jewelry brand with high quality and unique style which is led by traditional gold jewelry, platinum , marquetry ,etc …It includes fine diamond jewelry , fashion youth couple rings , colorful jewelry ,traditional retro golden jade , zodiac pendant, etc . They also provide the personalized custom jewelry.

It includes the world famous watch brands of Switzerland , the United States , Italy , Japan and other watches, with the styles of ancient tradition, business –mechanical , sports watches, etc , which fully meet the needs of various consumers.

It includes various imported women’s shoes with the main styles of maiden, business , casual comfort ,fashion ,etc . In order to provides the intellectual women with personalized products.


Finery & Art Home Furnishing

In Xingli Mall A Zunyi, the household consumption as the main consumption , the women’s wear we have the cute collections, the Mix and Match girl’s clothing , Elegant Female Suits and ladies. Both retro dress, European and American fashion, fashion Korean  dress, or original work; both the business wear, the party dress, or the Mix and Match, we have just about everything you could wish for, meet the requirements of different customer layer and different occasions.

For the men, except existing brands of Xingli Mall C, to increase the more quality business casual dress and business formal clothes brands, add men's clothing brands which doesn’t have in Zunyi before.

The Home Furnishing hall is romantic, all kinds of merchandise range, s Aiming at the storefront location, to increase the family health care equipment to meet the needs of  consumers.

Xingli Mall A gathers manifold fashionable brands and categories to build a specialty store to meet the needs of young consumers. There will be built a game centre which is the largest scale and well-appointed in Zunyi area.


Enjoy the film and food

There will be a first IMAX studios in Zunyi, its effect, scale, environment, software facilities and hardware facilities are the best in Zunyi, attracting the attention of the whole city. The configuration of large-scale catering, to build catering fashion benchmarking, to team up with the best overseas catering brand which they didn’t have before in Zunyi.

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